There are different ways to make a watermark... for your creations.. In this tutorial I will show you a few ways to do so.

The first one.. create a new image 300 x 200 white bkg.. Type your name, or what ever you want on your watermark.. if you want a small heart, butterfly or any kind of design.. put that on there too.. do all this in BLACK as the sample below.

Crop then go to Effects/Texture Effects/ Emboss


Looks ugly huh..:-) You can save it as a .jpg now if you want to use it in the future. Now copy and paste the new watermark.. onto your working creation. It will look like below.. On your layer palette.. depending on what color your bkg. is.. or how you want it to look.. you set  your 'blend mode' on Soft light, Hard light, or Overlay.  There is a sample below for each. They're a tiny bit of difference in each one of them.


Soft Light, this is my favorite..

Hard Light, bring down the Opacity on this one.

Overlay, notice the opacity is on 30%

The trick is for someone when looking at your creation/Sig Tag/stationery  etc.. to NOT see your watermark FIRST THING.. its not suppose to stand out that much.. seen but NOT seen if you know what I mean.. Nothing looks more tacky than a huge 'BIG THUMB' watermark.. yuck!!!..

This is an easy one to do.. if you know how to make a brush...if not check out my tutorial on brushes.

Next time you need your watermark.. just find it on your brush drop down box previews and 'stamp' it on to your creation... You usually bring down the size.. and put it on its own layer so you can bring the opacity want to just BARELY see it on your creation...

Well hope this helped you to create your own watermark...till next time